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Rain Forest  -  WebQuest
The tropical Rainforest is home for some of the most unusual plant and animal life on Earth. Many different types of animals live there. You are going to learn more about the rainforest and the plants and animals who are at home there.
The Cyber Zoo Animal List
A list of animals in the tropical rainforest biome with lots of information and pictures about each of the animals.
Welcome To The Jungle Walk
Jungle Walk contains extensive links to animal movies, sound clips, photos, and information.
Passport to the Rainforest
Click on the Ecosystem to find information about rainforest animals.
Rain Forest at Night - National Geographic
View the Borneo Rain Forest at night in a virtual movie at this site!
The Rainforest
This ThinkQuest site from South Guam Elementary School provides kid-friendly information about the rainforest.
Rainforest Live: KIDZ
This site had good information about rainforest animals.  To navigate the site, look for the menu under the leaves.
Zoom Rainforest
You'll find lots of kid-friendly information about rainforests and rainforest animals at this site!
Rainforest Alliance - For Kids and Teachers
This web page shares information about the many frogs in rainforests, as well as other animal species.
All About Rainforests
Rainforests are very dense, warm, wet forests. They are havens for millions of plants and animals.
Visit this site to examine some of the different havens!
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