Penguin Penguins Penguin
Mr. Popper's Penguins Web Quest
This will open in Power Point and lead you on a quest to discover:
"Would A Penguin Make A Good Pet In Your Home?"
Kinds of Penguins
Learn about the seventeen different kinds of penguins!
Penguin Slide Show
View a slide show that provides general information about penguins!
Penguins Around the World
Click on a name of a continent and learn about the penguins that live there!
•Penguin Planet
All seventeen penguin species share certain traits but they also have considerable variety.  Learn about their differences at this web site!
Pete & Barb’s Penguin Pages
Almost everything you ever wanted to know about penguins is on these web pages!
•Penguin Cards
Click on the links to view "penguin cards" with information on each of the species!
•Penguin Species Notes
Factual information and pictures for each of the seventeen penguin species!
Listen To a Penguin
Put your headphones on and enjoy!
Endangered Penguins
Learn which penguin species are endangered!
Life Cycle of Penguins
Learn about the life cycle of penguins from eggs to adults!
•Quizzes about penguins
Test yourself to see how much you know about penguins?
•How do emperor penguins keep their eggs warm?
Conduct a science experiment!
•How do penguins keep warm in cold climates?
Conduct a science experiment!
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