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Word Lists
Click on the links below to open a PowerPoint presentation of word lists.

High Frequency Phrases
The links below open PowerPoint presentations of high frequency phrases.
High-Frequency Phrases
The presentations of high-frequency phrases listed below can be viewed as beginner or advanced.
The difference is in the time allowed for each phrase.
The phrases contain the first, second, and third 100 words from the Fry Instant Word Lists (1980).
Interactive Language Arts Websites
Learning Planet
Letters, sounds, parts of speech; for students in K-5
Play Kids Games
Alphabet and vocabulary games for all ages
Internet 4 Classrooms
Use the Language Arts links under each grade level
ABC Teach
This site has some forms that older kids can use to do reports.  It also has lots of printable ABC activities for the little ones, including flash cards and coloring sheets.
Kids Reads
Students of all grades can find information about books - book reviews, books in series, author information, podcasts, etc.
Reading Planet
Reading and writing games for students in grades 2-5.  Check out the "Game Station" and "Book Zone" areas!
Soft Schools
Good phonics practice for K-2 students
Enchanted Learning
Printable books, online picture dictionary; for students and teachers
Game Goo
Games for K-5 students; alphabet matching, parts of speech, rhyming
Toon University
PreK-5th grade students can enjoy learning with games for spelling, reading comprehension, and more
Education Place
Find your grade level and explore the activities online; from Houghton Mifflin Company
PBS Kids
Explore with your favorite characters like Clifford and Arthur; you'll find lots of fun, interactive stories and games
I Know That
Language Arts games and activities for students of all ages
Fun interactive stories for younger K-1 students
Professor Garfield
Beginning/ending sounds matching game for K-1 students
Reading Sparkers
Phonics skills for first and second grade students
Language Arts Fun
Filled with hundreds of activities for letter learning, spelling, reading, and more
Match beginning, middle, and ending sounds; also long and short vowels
  Rat Race
Move Rodney Rat to catch falling shapes, words, or parts of speech based on your grade level
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