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Harlan Community Elementary Schools takes part in the Accelerated Reader (AR) study program, reading software that inspires students to read for enjoyment and understanding. The student selects and reads a book. Then the student takes an Accelerated Reader quiz on the computer. Accelerated Reader computes the student's score, adds the results into the Accelerated Reader database, and generates a report which provides the student with immediate information on his or her performance.
Accelerated Reader assigns a reading level and a point value to each book. In the Harlan Community Elementary School Libraries colored dots are placed on the spine of AR books. The color of the dot indicates its reading level. The table below shows the color and and corresponding reading level. 
Color Grade Level
Purple 0.1-1.9
Black 2.0-2.4
Red 2.5-2.9
Light_Blue 3.0-3.4
Orange 3.5-3.9
Royal_Blue 4.0-4.4
Pink 4.5-4.9
Yellow 5.0-5.9
Green 6.0 and above
The point value is the maximum number of points that can be earned from a quiz. Students who answer all questions correctly receive the maximum points. A percentage of those points is awarded for scores of 60% and higher. No points are awarded for scores below 60%. Harlan Community Elementary Schools have set 80% or above to be a passing score.
Accelerated Reader Quiz Lists
Since our conversion during the 2008-2009 school year to the online Renaissance Place version of Accelerated Reader, students at Harlan Community Elementary Schools now have access to a database consisting of over 114,000 quizzes!   We also have access to quizzes for vocabulary building and literacy skills.  Students can take these tests at their teacher's discretion. 

By having access to all the quizzes that Accelerated Reader creates, AR book lists will no longer be posted.  Instead, students, teachers and parents can use the AR BookFinder website to access titles which have quizzes associated with them.  Please note that not all titles listed on BookFinder will be in the Harlan Community Elementary School Libraries.  You may find these titles at the public library or possibly even in your home libraries!

Click on BookFinder below and discover all the reading fun your child can have!

Need help in navigating the BookFinder website?  Click here for an informational user guide.


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